July 26, 2017 / news

Alexandr Vinnik, Admin BTC-e Arrested For Money Laundering

money laundering BTC-e

In the last 24 hours there have been two related events. Yesterday cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e went offline, publishing a message on Twitter that runs “unplanned maintenance in data center”. And already today appeared information about the arrest of a 38-year-old, Russian man, Alexandr Vinnik. 

The warrant of the arrest associated with the running of a criminal organization laundered billions since 2011. There are assumptions that Alexander Vinnik managed the popular crypto exchange BTC-e , or rather is one of its administrators.

Exchange BTC-e is considered one of the world’s largest electronic platforms for money laundering, obtained by criminal way.  According to U.S. Ministry of Justice through the BTC-e criminals laundered money for the entire period of its existence. 

A few hours before BTC-e site “down”, the exchange complicated the process of bitcoins deposits to users’ accounts on its site, increasing confirmations count from three to six. A bit of a strange coincidence before web-site down.

Therefore, most likely, a miracle of hope is not worth it, and if in the next day or two will not change anything in the exchange, then its users should not expect the return of funds, which they held on exchange’s accounts. The only thing you can expect is a lengthy judicial process, according to the results of which will be the final decision.


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