May 18, 2019 / Interesting

Adam Back: Satoshi Nakamoto Is A One Person Not A Group of Individuals


Blockstream CEO Adam Back is convinced that behind the pseudonym of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is hiding one person, but not several individuals. He said this in an interview with on the sidelines of this week’s Consensus conference in New York.

He draws attention to the constancy in coding and Satoshi’s author’s style in his letters and documents.

“The original version of Bitcoin was implemented in Windows, which is also not very usual. Most programmers working with cryptocurrencies prefer Linux, ”said Adam Back.

According to him, the early correspondence with Satoshi Nakamoto left him an opinion about him as a person who took a fresh look at the problem of inflation.

Note that in the past, many community representatives often assumed that it was Adam Back who could be the creator of Bitcoin. The British programmer himself not only denied this, but also stated at one stage that it would be better to stop hunting for Satoshi, since nothing good will come of it.

He made this statement in December 2015, when the community vigorously discussed the claims of the Australian scientist Craig Wright on the laurels of the creator of Bitcoin.


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