July 4, 2020 / Interesting

3 Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies For Miners In 2020

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Almost 100% of the miners’ profit consists of fees from transactions in the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at Messari. Specialists published information about this on Twitter.


Over the past 24 hours, the total volume of fees in the BTC network amounted to $ 573 thousand. Ethereum indicator stopped at $ 745 thousand. According to Messari, the total amount of fees for transactions in the networks of the two most capitalized cryptocurrencies amounted to 99% of the total income of miners.

The third cryptocurrency is NEO. For comparison, the total amount of fees in the cryptocurrency network per day amounted to a little more than $ 1800. The fourth place belongs to Litecoin, the fifth – Monero.

In addition to NEO and Monero, the most profitable cryptocurrencies for miners, which are not included in the list of the TOP 10 market cap ratings, were Lisk, Tezos, Waves, and Dogecoin. Experts have paid special attention to the latest one.\


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