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Justin Sun Introduces A New Incentives System For Tron Network Partners


According to Justin Sun, this will be a “fair and decentralized” distribution of TRX staking income, designed to stimulate more active participation of users, partners and cryptocurrency exchanges in the Tron ecosystem.

The co-founder of Tron published the new program in a series of tweets on Saturday, September 21.

However, the new program includes:

  • increasing the number of users having voting rights;
  • consensus mechanism improving;
  • ta new economic incentive plan to offer more opportunities for the future development of the Tron ecosystem.

According to Sun, it is planned to expand the list of Tron partners and a large decentralization. He also writes that the project team has optimized the reward mechanism, which will allow users to increase their income from staking.

In particular, a system will be introduced in which, when each block is found, 127 nodes with the largest number of votes will receive a reward in proportion to the votes received. The reward for the found block will be 160 TRX.

According to Justin Sun, a new mechanism will stimulate active participation by partners, and a higher number of voting members will make the Tron economic system more sustainable.